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Spaces touch life

in a myriad of ways..

The Corporate Housing Unit in Bangladesh was a result of various meetings with company promoters and foreigners who work in NGO's, World Bank, multinational corporations and individduals. The most complain common to all expats was their frustration with the  basic understanding of aethetics of a furnished home by realtors followed by lack of agents with acceptable communication skills and barage of issues they had to deal with during their stay; each month, every month in the Corporate Housing sector of Bangladesh. 


That became the foundation of our formation and today we are the No.1 choice for turnkey Corporate Housing Services in Bangladesh

Spaces - It's impact on life is all-encompassing, be it the comfort of a home, efficiency in the office, recreation, shopping or space to learn and grow. At M Royale Estates it is a constant quest to ensure that the balance between these spaces and the lives that surround them, not only provides comfort but also inspire emotional bliss. Shelter is not a luxury, its a necessity.


Royale Estates turnkey corporate housing team consists of well-spoken, experience you and dynamic recent graduates of western colleges and universities. The biggest challenge of the sector is it's limited capacity and understanding of what basic amenities mean for a foreigner. Royale Estate Agents can offer you from stand alone apartments to completely furnished 5-Star residences ideal for a CEO. Long or short, Temporary or Long-Term; it's a one stop solution. Send us your query directly or via your company's HR unit responsible for arraning accomodation in Bangladesh and one of our specialists will get back to you in 24hrs.


Affordable Luxury is the goal at Royale Estates Limited. It doesn't take a ton of money for a fantastic residence in a country like Bangladesh; it needs exposure and understanding of comfort and space planning. As a developer of a very different kind of projects, these concepts are the bedrock of our foundation. 


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