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Why M Royale Estates?

Our strong project execution and quality construction both in residential mixed-use developments and commercial office buildings spaces have helped us transform into a brand to reckon with. The company has a very experienced management team which continually strategizes, plans, monitors and reviews the progress of its developments. The company has a young and motivated work-force that brings in fresh thinking and energy to the drawing board. We continually thrive to leverage international best practices. Life at any of our properties is bound to bring a completely new meaning to home and living.


We aim to inspire only, not re-create. This philosophy is etched within us. We offer a positive and challenging work environment. We partner with the best in the World and Bangladesh in areas of architecture, design, engineering and construction to continuously keep ourselves a step ahead of the rest. 

Customer Loyalty; Not Just Customer Service


Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages here at MRE. The customer experience is the competitive battleground for us to re-define the way prospective buyers experience the decision and purchasing making process. MRE is guided by a single basic belief that loyal customers don’t just come back as repeat buyers, they don’t simply recommend you to others, but experience the MRE advantage by making it an integral part of their lifestyle. 

Lifestyle, Fitness & Health


Health is wealth. At our properties, we take deep interest in the quality of lifestyle which begins with easy access to state of the art fitness centre, trainers and special courses tailored to specefic issues such as yoga, aerobycs and more. Access to open environment to us is just as important as every detail of every unit we create.


The Result - RoyaleFit

Your very own fitness centre within the complex is just one elevator ride away! With so much at your disposal, achieving your physical and emotional wellness is easier than ever. 

Property Management


AT M Royale Estate; the vision is to work on a proven model that has been in practise worldwide commanding the ultimate use of resources. As a developer, our core focus remains on crafting projects and creating solutions that includes the basic amenities of modern day living for the perfect work-life balance.


M Royale Estates manages it's own properties in addition to a large number of apartment blocks throughout Bangladesh.  By definition and practise, managing properties require understanding and addressing owner/tenant demands that requires profesional property management services. M Royale Estates also acts as a turnkey service provider to developers that understand this approach and keep their focus on their core business of building real estate properties.


Our professional residential property management service is tailored exclusively to each building. Every property is unique and while some may think that there are various common elements in properly maintaining a site, we see each property under our management as piece of 'human dream' realised which requires a continous outlook into the quality of living in order to maintain them thruout their entire life-cycke.


Whether you require a complete residential property management program or just communal area project management, our commitment is to ensure the highest level of service! We are experienced in working with problem sites where past associations have failed to deliver expections never dreamt before. 

Security & Beyond


Security is one of life's basic needs, it's not a desire or luxury. M Royale Estate projects are highly secured technologically advanced properties with round the clock CCTV monitoring, access to public cams in each unit and beyond. Our units also feature in-house electrician, plumber, carpenter & home renovation specialists who can meet you within 24 hour's notice.

Key Interest Points


All M Royale Estates properties are planned developments. It's not just a shelter to live in. We want both owners and tenants to have the best possible experience during their course of stay. As such you'll find a list of key points of interest and requirements essential for a complete peace of mind.




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